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10 Great Things About Being a Single Mom in America

America Flag Backdrop - 10 Great Things About Being a Single Mom in America

The life of a single mom in America isn’t easy, and for all their talk of women’s liberation and women’s equality, too many of today’s politicians have done too little to strengthen the lives of women in America. When Hillary Clinton and others talk of equal pay for equal work, they often fail to take into consideration that…

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The Army Comes to Visit – Literally!

Boy Scout Catholic Ceremony - Troy

It’s strange to think of the baby you once held in your arms, whose dimpled little hand you held to cross the street, whose giggling, silly antics could make his younger brother collapse in fits of laughter so great his knees grew weak, as being a man sometimes. And yet, I look at Troy, my oldest,…

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On Veteran’s Day, Will You Be A True Hero?

Our Veterans offer ideas on the heroism single moms are also called to. My Grandfather was a Navy pilot over Japan in WWII, and I can easily see why he and those he served with are “the Greatest Generation.” He is strong, kind, generous, and faithful. He is a God-fearing, family-loving, flag-flying American, and I love him for all that. He…

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