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Natalie Grant Grammy Facebook Post
Beautifully Said…

Natalie Grant attended the 56th Annual Grammy Awards Sunday evening.


Natalie Grant attended PART of the 56th Annual Grammy Awards Sunday evening.

Amid a sad display of strip teases, satantic rituals, and gay marriage promotions there was a ray of Light in the audience. Natalie Grant and her husband Bernie Herms attended the 56th Annual Grammy Awards along with pop and country stars like Taylor Swift, Jason Aldeen, and Carrie Underwood.

But unlike other stars, Natalie Grant and her husband producer, Bernie Herms, chose to leave part way through the “performance.”

At some point during the night, Natalie Grant, nominated for her hit song “Hurricane” in the categories of Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance and Best Christian Music Song, and Bernie Herms decided what they were witnessing was too much; the couple chose to walk out of the Grammys. 

Which Act Made Natalie Grant Leave The Grammys?

Grant refused to say which act led to the final decision to leave the Grammys. It may not even have been one act; it may have been a compilation of all.

Look at what Natalie Grant has done by refusing to discuss which act made her leave the Grammys:

  1. Natalie Grant followed Jesus’ words when she refused to publicly condemn any one performer’s group. (Jesus said, “Let the one among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” (John 8:7) )
  2. Natalie Grant did not back the individual or group into a corner thereby leaving him/her an escape route, a way for the performer to leave his/her current position and run to God. Publicly humiliating or hurting someone does not produce a change in that person’s heart, and, as Christians, changing hearts for Christ is our ultimate goal.
  3. By refusing to participate in the finger pointing too many of us (myself included!) often do, Natalie Grant also allows each individual performing at the Grammys to examine his or her own conscience. Had she accused one particular act, she would have let many artists off the hook when perhaps they too should look at the messages they send and how their actions are viewed through the eyes of God.

My original post was on the satanic ritual performed by one of the superstar elite Grammy Award nominees. I’ve decided to not use her name in this post because I’d rather not give her more attention for her negative behavior but instead to give the attention to the Natalie Grant whose actions glorified God, the one who literally stood for Jesus among the elite, the rich, the most powerful in her industry.

I’d rather focus on the positive than on the negative.

Thank you Natalie Grant for being a role model for children and adults alike, for helping me see the Wisdom of God through your silent act, and for standing for Jesus.

I have learned a lot from your strong and simple faith and will be praying for you, your husband, and your children tonight.

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The above photo is a screen shot from Natalie Grant’s Facebook Page, to connect with Natalie Grant on Facebook, please click here.

God Bless…

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