On Veteran’s Day, Will You Be A True Hero?

Veteran's Day, a day for a true hero
Veteran’s Day, make today the day you become a true hero

Our Veterans offer ideas on the heroism single moms are also called to.

My Grandfather was a Navy pilot over Japan in WWII, and I can easily see why he and those he served with are “the Greatest Generation.” He is strong, kind, generous, and faithful. He is a God-fearing, family-loving, flag-flying American, and I love him for all that. He fits my definition of a true hero even though he would scoff at me if I were to tell him that.

What Defines a True Hero?

Must a true hero carry a weapon or defeat an intrusive enemy? Must he wage war? Must a true hero train tirelessly? Must a true hero workout daily to keep in shape? Must he deny himself earthly comforts? Must a true hero stand up to evil by standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves?

We cannot compare ourselves to the greatness shown by the honorable in our nation’s military. They are a breed of their own. They are heroes in the truest sense of the word. Single moms cannot be heroes in the same way, but single moms can be true heroes for Christ to our families at home and to others in our communities.

Being A True Hero

Think about what a true hero must do. A true hero must carry the Word of God, not as a weapon of death but as a promise of life to defeat the enemies of death and destruction. A true hero must wage war against injustice and fallacy. He must workout daily, practicing his faith. Neglecting to do so means his his faith becomes lost, like an unused muscle or forgotten mathematical formula. A true hero must not allow evil to flourish and must stand up for what is good and right. Single moms, divorced women, and those in struggling Marriages are called to do all of this.

Sometimes the most difficult evil to beat down is the evil itching to grow within yourself. Each of us has a propensity toward sin and evil that will prosper if we allow it. Whether it is the evil of anger, jealousy, lust, greed, laziness, gossip, distraction, selfishness, pride, or something else, evil lurks in each of us. By frequently examining  how we walk with the Lord, we prevent ourselves from falling behind internal enemy lines.

You can be a true hero, but it takes a daily decision. Will you tirelessly and selflessly commit to thinking and acting as a true hero does? Will you determine to make this a better day in a better world or will you succumb to unholy traps and temptations that want you to surrender? Will you be a leader others look up to or will you believe lies of your own weakness and inabilities? Will you give in to the temptation to throw in the towel, to quit, lie down, and give up or will you keep your face trained on the Light, approaching success as if you’re in a painfully slow belly crawl in a hot, dry, lonely desert many days? Will you maintain focus and not give in to the urge to jump ahead or will you become sidetracked by very understandable and very human temptations around you? 

This call to be a true hero is not an easy one. Many will mock its challenges. This is part of why heroes are not found often. A hero is not the every day run of the mill man or woman. A hero is not defined as what much of society has watered down the word to mean. A hero is special and often too rare although its call and ability is innate to each of us.

Single Mom’s & the Call to be Heroic

Single moms can be true heroes to their children, to other struggling women, and to men starving for examples of purity and goodness. They can be heroes to their churches, communities, and the world.

Look in the mirror. Do not ask yourself if you have what it takes to be a true hero. You do! Instead, ask yourself how you will be a true hero in your life. Mentally, run through your day. Anticipate challenges to your call to Holy heroism. Condition your responses. Pray to overcome enemies within. Then commit to doing so. Accept the challenge to be heroic and accept it anew every day for the rest of your life. Ask how you can honor our Veterans by being a true hero today.

When you look at the sacrifices our men and women in uniform make, how can we be any less than true heroes in our own lives. Together with God, these men and women give us the freedom and opportunity to do better. Freedom and opportunity are not promised to us. They do not randomly fall into our lap. They must be worked for. We owe our Veterans, not simply support, but our full, continuous, committed efforts. By being heroes wherever life stations us rather than being whiners or quitters, we show Veterans we are worth their sacrifice. We show them we take nothing for granted. We show them that it is personal. We show them we are grateful.

Ronald Reagan once said, “America is too great for small dreams.” It is one of my favorite quotes and has kept me going through tough times. Without the sacrifices of our Military, America would not be great and we could not dream! Today and every day, single moms are called to gratitude, sacrifice, and action that can make dreams come true for ourselves and our children as well as many others. Don’t waste what true heroes have Blessed us with. Be heroic, as you are called to be.

A special thank you to all true heroes who keep us safe every night and protect us in ways we cannot protect ourselves. If you are an active duty, Reserve, or retired Veteran, you are a true hero. Thanking you doesn’t seem enough. We are blessed to have such fine men and women in our world. God Bless you and your families.

The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but victory belongs to the LORD. 

~ Psalm 21:31

God Bless…

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