Pregnant and Alone – 2013

I am no longer pregnant and alone, but I still have more to say.

It’s time to start blogging again. To get back into it. To take it seriously no matter how many people read this. I must start again. I must realize that it is not about the number of people who read this or the amount of time I can truly dedicate to doing this perfectly. I was left pregnant and alone; I should know by now.

This blog is not about “perfect.”

Life is not about “perfect.” 

This is about God sending me the right people to read my story, those who need to hear my story because it so closely echoes their own, pregnant and alone or with a newborn and abandoned. So many of you have contacted me. It is heartwarming to know I am not the only one to suffer through such a life altering ordeal and, at the same time, it is heartbreaking to know so many others are hurting in such a breathless, un-nameable way. My heart aches for where you are, where you have been, and where you will have to go to find healing, strength, hope.

But I promise, there is one all powerful and ever loving God who knows your story – all the good and the bad. And HE LOVES YOU and HE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU – ever!!! 🙂

For Alice, KB, Iba, Kyley, Heidi, Sophia, Amy, Nicole and others like them – I hold each of you in my heart. You are not alone. Pray for each other. Choose to love. It is your stories that have led me back to Single Mom Smiling. I cannot thank you enough for that. 

I also have to offer a huge thank you to those of you who have reached out and offered prayers and encouragement, especially Laura and MisECOOPER. I am reaching out to you, thanking you, and greedily asking for an infinite supply of prayers:  Prayers for myself and other women who find themselves pregnant and alone around the world.

Please pray that we learn from our experiences, that we emerge stronger and smarter and better, that our wounds be healed, our worries be lifted, our tears be dried, our hearts be strong but soft and loving and giving and beautiful as the Lord intended them.

Please pray for our precious children that they may grow to be better people than we are, that they realize their worth, their value, their ability to be happy doing what is right. 

Please pray that we all reach our God-given ability to pick up the pieces and move on, to love, to forgive, to find faith, hope, and peace in this world and in the next.

Alice, KB, Iba, Kyley, Heidi, Sophia, Amy, and Nicole – Thank you for inspiring me to continue with the rest… Please keep in touch.

God Bless…