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Would Planned Parenthood Sell Your Baby’s Body Parts?

Single Mom Sonogram

How would I describe finding out I was pregnant and alone after my husband left suddenly? Frightened, alone, confused, hurt, incapable, unqualified,…So many scary adjectives. I get it. How could a man leave a woman who is pregnant? How could a man leave his wife for another woman? This would be our 5th little boy.…

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Learning from My Mistakes

I have never done something so terrible, never made such a horrible mistake, if it could even be called a mistake.  I stood, my feet glued to the floor and perfectly still other than the shaking which defined who I was in the months after my husband left, and I watched in open-mouthed horror at…

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A Christmas Candle – Pregnant and Alone

Last weekend I took my boys to see the Max Lucado movie, A Christmas Candle and was taken off guard by an early scene during which a young woman finds herself pregnant and alone. The movie portrays a reverend dishing out soup to the needy and switches to the scene of a the woman, no more…

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Pregnant and Alone – 2013

I am no longer pregnant and alone, but I still have more to say. It’s time to start blogging again. To get back into it. To take it seriously no matter how many people read this. I must start again. I must realize that it is not about the number of people who read this…

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