Boy Scouts – Court of Honor Ceremony

George Sticking His Tongue Out
Luckily “Dignified” is not part of the Scout Law.

Boy Scouts – because there are some things a mom, no matter how hard she tries, just can’t do for her boys.

I’ve taken my boys camping and survived a (nearby) tornado. I’ve played tackle football (Not sure that counts because I’m usually QB but supposedly not a very good QB – so I’ve been told!) I’ve gone fishing in the bitter cold while being pelted with icy sleet at an hour of the morning no human being should have to face.

But still…my boys need…well, they need males to look up to.

Boys to joke around with. Boys to rough house with.

Men to show them how to be strong and good.

Men to show them how to treat a woman.

And they can get some of that from the Boy Scouts.

My guys are part of an active troop and have hiked, high adventure camped – semi-wilderness camping, winter camped, and gone snow shoeing. They have learned survival skills, knot tying, leather working, shooting, and a ton of other things I could never teach them.

Eagle Scout is the highest rank in Boy Scouting and with it comes the chance at scholarships, college acceptance, and better job placement; there is a reason this is true.

Attaining Eagle Scout is Hard Work.

To become an Eagle Scout a young man needs to spend several hours volunteering. He needs to have attained several merit badges for knowledge he has learned and skills he has attained. Among these merit badges are Eagle required badges, such as first aid and Family Life, and merit badges the boys can choose from.

Attaining Eagle requires faith, teamwork, intelligence, skill, commitment, strength, and dedication.

And what better goal could a single mother raising five boys shoot for than for them to grow to be faith-filled, cooperative, intelligent, skillful, committed, strong, dedicated men?

I can think of none.

I will do all I can to raise my boys to share the values of Eagle Scouts and to attain the rank of Eagle Scout.

But at a certain point their God-given free will must kick in and they must make the decision to become Eagle Scouts themselves.

And that is why I am so proud of my boys. As part of a single parent family with a father who is anti-Scouting, my boys face special challenges in attaining Eagle Scout.

And that’s why today’s post showcases my three older guys.

So, if you will excuse the picture quality here are my boys getting their awards.

Noah took the pictures while I went up with the boys to receive their awards. Noah, my budding photographer, plays with camera settings, so picture quality is not great.

not that my photos are great either

it’s a skill I’m working on in my spare time

Did I just say, spare time???

Troy - Receiving Merit Badges
Troy receives his Citizenship in the World and Environmental Science Merit Badges

Troy is a Star Scout. He expects to attain Life and begin working on his Eagle project by this summer.

Matt and I are waiting for his Star Rank
Waiting for Star to be presented! What fun we have together!


When a boy receives his rank, his mother also receives a Mother’s Pin. Thank you Boy Scouts for recognizing the hard work moms put into scouting too!

Matt attained Star last week. He’s off to a great start and has almost 3 years to get his Eagle Badge!

George receives his Tenderfoot
George finally gets Tenderfoot!
George pins on my Mother's Pin.
He starts to pin on my Mother’s Pin.
I put on my Mother's Tenderfoot Pin
Lots of jokes are made about drawing blood and about being thankful the boys know 1st aid even while the mothers receive their pins. George and I decide (mostly I decide!) not to test their first aid skills and place the pin myself.

George, who has been in the troop for two years, has finally attained Tenderfoot, the first rank in Boy Scouts.

My heart breaks for George and Noah and the even greater challenges these two face in Scouting, but I will leave that for another post and trust God to help them make it through.

Today is simply about celebration!

Kaleb and me
And, as much as I love Boy Scouts and the gun club, sometimes I sit with this little guy (actually he doesn’t sit much anymore!), and I think to myself, “For the next 14 years of my life, I’ll be sitting at the gun club every Monday night…” But let’s not dwell on that… 🙂

Proud Mommy Moments!

To find more about merit badges, please click here.

To find more about Boy Scouts, please click here.

To find out more about Eagle required merit badges, please click here.

To find more about Eagle Scouts, please click here.

Thank you for indulging in my proud mommy moments and letting me brag about my guys a bit here today.

Thank you Lord for my wonderful boys. Please help all five of my guys attain Eagle Scout and live up the virtues an Eagle Scout exemplifies. Please bless all boys involved in scouting and help them all follow in your ways.

Thank you Lord for the Boys Scouts and the amazing leaders who are helping to show my boys what a true man is! Please bless them and watch over them. Please give them the strength in faith to continue being good role models and help them all to always uphold the Christian/Catholic values you have given us for our own good. ~ Amen

God Bless…

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